Zanzibar Queen Hotel, Matemwe
1070$ / проживание


из 1070$ / проживание

Holiday full of attractions, African experience, delicious local cousine, deserved relax on white sandy beaches and waking up to a stunning view of turquoise water of Indian Ocean

Срок пребывания

5 ночи

План питания

Все включено

Stay with us for an incredible african tropical experience. It will include: 

  • 5 nights stay in our comfortable double rooms, equipped with fun and AC
  • All inclusive meal plan which will give you a variety of food, fresh drinks, cocktails options available all day
  • Snorkeling trip. Discover the vibrant coral reef of Mnemba Island, exploring the most spectacular sea beds. You will see blue surgeon fish, lion fish, clown fish, giant clams, among others.
  • Stone Town tour when you will be guided through the history and the most beautiful and important places in the old town
  • Prison Island visit. You will have the opportunity to feed and pet the giant Aldabran tortioses, walk through the forested interior where you will see a wide variety of birds, colourful peacocks, bats and beautiful butterflies. 
  • Spice Farm trip. The guided walking tour through the spice plantation, where you can see the process of planting cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon and other spices
  • Sunset Cruise. Sail through the clear coastal waters, enjoying stunning African Sunset while listening to the ocean sound, having snacks and fruits.
  • Massage. Swedish, deep tissue, aurvedic are some of the type of the massages that you will be able to immerse yourself during the holiday. 
  • airport pick up & drop off

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Формы оплаты

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+ 5% комиссионного сбора за каждый платеж с помощью карты в отеле


Pets are not accepted.


С гостей будет сниматься предоплата в размере 30% от общей стоимости за 30 дней до прибытия. Остальная сумма будет взиматься по прибытии. Гости могут бесплатно аннулировать бронь до 30 дней до прибытия. С гостей будет взиматься оплата в размере 30% от общей стоимости, если они откажутся от брони менее чем за 30 дней до прибытия.

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